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Can you provide conductivity data for BZY and BZCY samples?

BZY and BZCY - although being our best and most stable proton conductors - have many secrets. Nothing is simple in these oxides. That is why you cannot find anyone willing to state "this is the DC conductivity of this material, and it is fully protonic." The conductivities vary with A/B-site stoichiometry, Y content, Ce content, pH2O, pO2, grain size, temperature, and processing and thermal history. This means in turn that each batch of material needs to be measured in order to know the parameters accurately. And that takes making and interpreting many impedance spectra and many EMF transport number measurements at many pH2O, pO2, and temperatures, and write a report. If NORECS or its supplier of the new types of samples were to do that, the price would have to be increased a lot, perhaps an order of magnitude.

Therefore, we believe the practical solution is that we let you know what we (or they) have done, and how it typically is expected to affect the properties. We will of course tell you what we know from various tests of materials, but not batch by batch.

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