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Furnaces and heating mantles for ProboStat
Suitable furnace for ProboStat high temperature sample holder is tubular type with inner diameter 40 to 50 mm. The furnace should preferentially be vertically mounted, but horizontal operation is possible in some cases. A total furnace length is typically 50-80 cm, with heated length 30 - 45 cm. An ordinary tubular furnace should have at least 80 cm of space underneath to enable the cell to be inserted into the furnace from below.
We sell several models from several manufacturers. While filling the enquiry form, mark that you require a furnace and we will automatically select and quote the best model for your application.
Temperature control and furnace types from NorECs
For the PID controller of the furnace to decide how much power to apply to the furnace for it to reach and maintain desired temperature it needs feedback from the furnace. On commercial, standard furnaces this is normally provided as an internal furnace thermocouple. This is safe and uncomplicated setup with quick settling time. However, on this setup the sample temperature is not exactly the same as the furnace temperature. The user needs to measure temperature at the sample with a ProboStat thermocouple.
It is usually better and more convenient to control the furnace temperature directly with thermocouple at the sample inside ProboStat cells, since the temperature will be exactly what was desired and constant. This type of furnaces are convenient and useful especially when sample sealing is required (fuel cell tests, gas permeation, etc.) since the sealing process requires exact and reliable feedback of temperature at the sample. For uncompromised safety this type of furnace needs an additional independent over temperature protection system. Naturally, this type as a more complicated equipment has somewhat higher price.
Options for furnaces
The standard type furnaces are equipped with 3216cc PID controller. This is the simple type of controller that cannot do multi-step temperature programs, called segments. Furnace temperature program can still be executed with Omega or Omega Temp software, or more complicated PID controller can be fitted on request.
The default data protocol for our furnaces is RS232 Modbus.
Heating mantles

We can deliver a custom tubular heating mantle from Glas-Col (US) suitable for temperatures more moderate than usually obtained with regular furnaces.

A typical model is of ca. 30 cm length and covers temperatures from ambient up to 450 or 650°C. Power supply is by standard 110 or 220 V AC, regulated by an integrated type K thermocouple.


Tubular Heating Mantle with Contacts

Tubular Heating Mantle on a ProboStat Cell

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