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ProGasMix is superseded by ProGasMix FC


The ProGasMix is a versatile rotameter-based mixer that can do everything in a lab investigating the properties of oxides at high temperatures vs T, pO2, pH2O etc. (see methods page)

The mixer is based on the famous "Oslo mixer" at University of Oslo. It has been used in countless studies of conductivity and other properties as a function of pO2, pH2O, etc., and is especially known for its ability to deliver two mixtures suitable for concentration cell measurements (for instance it allows measurements of transport numbers of oxide ions and protons independently), permeation studies, and fuel cell component tests.

ProGasMix selects and mixes three gases from a range of connected input gases. A second mixture can be modified from the first for concentration cell measurements. Both the first and the second mixture are humidified and dried and the two portions mixed together to set pH2O. It is a unique tool for students and researchers in materials science, suitable for use with the ProboStat™ or other systems using variable controlled atmospheres. It offers the economy, simplicity, and insight to those that value versatility and wide ranges of mixing. Partial pressures are calculated from flowmeter readings via accompanying software.

Compared to mass-flow meter based system of equal features, the ProGasMix is order of magnitude less expensive, and will last forever. Unlike mass-flow controller based systems, ProGasMix requires no frequent maintenance, repairs or calibration. The mixer is simple, serviceable, and "transparent" to the user. The minimal maintenance required can be done by the user. Flowmeters are slightly less accurate than mass flow controllers, but the mixtures typically span pO2 or pH2O of several orders of magnitude (it's logarithmic) making the few percent linear error of flow meter negligible.

  • Includes humidification and drying stages and dual mixture output.
  • Up to 7 input gases (Swagelok quick-connects, 2-12 bar)
  • Selection of 3 input gases for mixing
  • 2 individual mixtures routable to 4 outlets
  • Mixer and outlets at near-atmospheric pressure
  • Reduction valves and dibutyl phthalate column pressure controls
  • 16 Sho-rate flowmeters with needle valves
  • Flow range on outlets: 1-50 mln/min
  • Wetting stage: Peltier-cooled bubblers
  • Drying stage: Mol-sieve 5A Water Vapor Traps (Supelco)
  • Tubing, materials: 1/8 inch Cu tubing and brass components
  • Illuminated plexiglass/metal construction, 19 inch rack, wheels
  • For ProboStat™ or other measurement/annealing systems
  • Gases: Example: O2, air, N2, Ar, CO, CO2, 5%H2 in Ar ("Harmix")
  • Uses bubblers for pressure control and relief. Non-toxic, non-vaporizing and non-flammable oil as the bubbler liquid.
  • Flowmeter reading conversion, mixing, and equilibria: custom software


The mixer is a compact, mobile (wheels) and appealing unit.

Dimensions of the mixer are
Height: 150 cm
Width: 60 cm
Depth: 80 cm
Weight: 70 kg


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