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Base unit that tolerates heating up to 165°C. Suitable in any type of measurements where you need to avoid water condensation or carbon precipitation in the internal ProboStat™ gas lines.

We offer equipment and consumables for ceramic sample preparation from well-known manufacturers:
- Laboratory press
- Desiccator
- Mortar
- Pellet die set
- Consumables like spatulas, powder containers, pipettes, alumina plates, crucibles and combustion trays.

We offer measurement services at elevated temperatures in case you want:
- single electrical characterization of your sample
- tests under controlled atmospheres but don’t have sufficient gas system in your lab
- test measurements before deciding whether the ProboStat™ system is the correct test features for your needs
- troubleshooting that cannot be solved directly via emails
- measurement training
or in case you don’t have the suitable measurement instrumentation.

- Data acquisition or control for sensors, devices & instruments (USB, GPIB or Serial port)
- Plotting, calculating, converting data.

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