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ProGasMix program

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ProGasMix software - what is it?

ProGasMix is software for calculating gas mixtures from flowmeter readings. It runs on Windows PCs. 

ProGasMix can be configured to emulate and calculate the outputs of different gas mixers. It is especially useful for manual mixers, with no computer control or readout, such as University of Oslo style mixers and NORECS' version of the same, the ProGasMix.

ProGasMix does not communicate with any physical gas mixer; it thus neither controls it nor reads it. It can only use the flowmeters readings that you take and input to the program manually. It does however save many hours of reading calibration curves and doing calculations. 

ProGasMix calculates high temperature equilibrium compositions from the room temperature mixtures, and will in future versions perform certain useful services such as calculating EMFs and transport numbers out of pairs of gas mixtures.

You can download the current development version of ProGasMix and its manual and accompanying setup files. It is all free of charge, but no guarantees. If you find it useful, consider mentioning ProGasMix software in your publication.


The ongoing developments of ProGasMix software

What it does

At present, ProGasMix version 0.700 works in terms of the basic abilities to configure the mixer, open, edit, and save setup files for mixer configuration, input gases, calibration curves, and output cells.

It allows use of wetting stages using pure H2O or D2O or any of them with saturated KBr. 

It makes calculations of gas mixtures throughout the mixer at room temperature. It moreover calculates the equilibrium composition of the same for a given temperature in one or more measurement cells.

What is new?

Version 0.700 has significant overhaul of the interface, as well as much more calibration curves for Vogtlin flowmeters.

What it doesn't do yet

Calculations of EMFs and transport numbers based on pairs of gas mixtures are not implemented yet. It is furthermore planned that the program will produce a log file of its calculations.

The ProGasMix software package

The package contains the following files:

    GasMix.exe                    The program

    GasMix Manual.pdf        The manual

    Default.mix                        A setup file for a mixer configuration. The default is presently the one for NORECS' new ProGasMix mixer. Look further down to find other *.mix configurations. 

    Default.inp                        A setup file for definition of input gases (actually mixtures) supplied to the mixer                        A setup file containing flowmeter calibration curves

    Default.cel                        A setup file containing definitions of output cells - i.e. measurement cells with their gas mixture number, temperature, and total pressure.

The package is contained in an archive file that you can download and extract.

When you have edited the setup files you can save them individually or collectively under different names than Default.*.

It is recommended to update the program and manual as often as new versions become available. Probably also the calibration file is worth getting updated. However, your edited *.mix, *.inp, and *.cel files are probably best kept and used, so be sure to save them with your own names before downloading the Default.* versions again.


Download and run ProGasMix

Make a location for the softwar eon your computer (we do not recommend \program files\ as location). Unpack the archive.

Go to the folder, make a shortcut for the ProGasMix.exe, and place it on your desktop.

Doubleclick the ProGasMix.exe or its shortcut, and ProGasMix should start and its main screen appear.

ProGasMix is configured to look for setup files in the folder where it was ran from.

More example configuration files; ProGasMix, FZJ, and UiO

Here are some other *.MIX configuration files that you may use instead of the DAEFAULT.MIX file:

ProGasMix.MIX    is currently the same as DEFAULT.MIX and represents a NORECS ProGasMix FC.

FZJ.MIX    is currently also the same as DEFAULT.MIX and represents the ProGasMix as installed at FZJ.

UiO-Full.MIX   represents a typical setup of the mixers used at UiO.



You may have problems to install and run ProGasMix.exe because you may not have the administrator rights to do such things. Get the rights or get someone to do it for you.

When you start ProGasMix.exe, your computer may warn you that the program does not have a signature that guarantees that it comes from a trusted source. There's no way around this: You have to trust me, or you put ProGasMix.exe on an old leftover computer where you can take the risk.

Your computer may have settings that makes *.inp, *.mix, *. cal, or *.cel files predefined for other applications, and in some cases they then do not show the extension of the file. In this case, try to edit the settings of the folder, so that extension is always shown for these file types.

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