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Typical components in a setup for materials characterization with ProboStat™

The ProboStat™ measurement cell can be delivered as a single unit or as part of a complete setup for materials characterization. Such complete system contains, in addition to the  ProbStat™ sample holder, typically of the following components:

Furnace and controller NORECS offers commercial furnaces and heating mantles, with controller,
specifically modified for the ProboStat™ sample holder.
Measurement instrumentation

NORECS can supply commercial available instrumentation such as
impedance spectrometer, potentiostat, multimeter or multiplexer.

Software Our measurement software Omega includes and allows:
  • Control and read mass flow controllers, pressure regulators,
    furnaces and other measurement instruments with Modbus or
    GPIB protocol support.
  • Use multimeters to measure sensors and gauges to have analog
    voltage or current output.
  • Include functions to interpret the read values such as thermocouple
  • Plot on screen and save to disk the measured data.
Atmosphere control equipment

NORECS manufacture several gas mixers, both standard and customized.

ProGasMix FC - Versatile rotameter-based manual gas mixer, suitable for

  • Fuel cell tests, with humidification of fuel and/or oxidant
  • Gas permeation measurements
  • Transport number measurements
  • Conductivity measurements as a function of pO2, pH2O, pH2, etc.

FCMix - simple gas mixer, humidification and overpressure control for small
fuel cells.


The ProboStat™ sample holder can in addition be delivered with accessories for:

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