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ProboStat, overview

The ProboStat™ is a cell for measurements of electrical properties, transport parameters, and kinetics of materials, solid/gas interfaces and electrodes under controlled atmospheres at elevated temperatures up to 1600ºC. The versatile construction and broad range of accessories of the system are based on years of development and experience in the Kofstad/Norby group at the University of Oslo. A ProboStat™ system offers a cost-effective alternative to developing and building your own cell for studies, characterization and testing of inorganic materials, electroceramics, fuel cell components, membrane materials, etc.

Brief description

The sample under test rests on a ca. 50 cm long support tube of alumina, inside a closed outer tube of alumina or silica. The sample can be contacted with 2, 3 or 4 electrodes of e.g. platinum, using disk, van der Pauw, or bar geometries. A spring-loaded alumina assembly holds the sample and electrodes in place. 16 electrical feedthroughs allow use of 4 shielded electrode leads, surface guard, and up to three thermocouples (e.g. for Seebeck coefficient measurements). Electrical connections are made via coax cables suitable for standard impedance spectrometer connectors, and standard thermocouple compensation cables. Gases can be fed in single or dual chamber modes directly onto or from electrodes, allowing measurements under controlled atmospheres, transport number measurements in gradients, and testing of fuel cell, pump, and sensor components. Gas supply is via Swagelok quick-connects.

Materials properties measured and applicable methods


Example of connection to disk samples for impedance measurements. The schematics show principle of spring loads and regular 2-electrode 4-wire setup with dual gas supplies and thermocouple. Part of base unit with feedthroughs is shown in the photo below.



Custom-made solutions

For special requirements may in many cases be offered; SS, other ceramics and metals, high-voltage (10 kV), high-current (15 A), liquid samples, high pressures, etc.

We also provide:

Availability and pricing

Delivery time: normally between 6 and 8 weeks.
Prices: contact us or our representatives.


Brochure on the ProboStat and accessories

General terms

2 year warranty (except on hot-zone parts) and free email support.

Specifications, terms, and prices/exchange rates may change. Local deviations may apply.

The packages described include the cell and its connections and furnishing as described. 

Furnace, power supply and controller, gas supply/mixer and measuring instrumentation are not included.

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