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Furnishment for ProboStat cells

The ProboStat™ high temperature measurement cell can be furnished with a wide range of parts depending on the method and conditions. All parts are detachable and replaceable, and can be bought from us or manufactured by the user according to instructions and measures contained in the manual. The example packages contain typical selections of these parts, but other combinations are of course possible.

The options, furnishment and parts comprise:

Outer enclosing tubes

Alumina, quartz, Steel

 Sample support tubes (alumina standard)

Disk samples (tube diameters 10-24 mm)
Bar samples
Special versions (liquid cell, shielded tube, crucible holder, YSZ, other materials, etc.)

Electrode contacts and thermocouples (alumina and Pt standard)

Electrode identification card.pdf

GP# are used for replaceable electrode wraps (4-point bar samples) or GP2N electrode contacts

H# make direct contact to electrodes on disks or end electrodes on bars

GR# are used as reference electrodes or guard rings on disk samples

IN2 is used to make contact to the lower electrode on a disk sample from inside the support tube, thus allowing the use of a reference or guard electrode around it, or sealing the disk to the support for concentration cell, fuel cell, or other electrochemical cell tests.

VDP2 are used pairwise for van der Pauw measurements.

TC's are thermocouples for various uses.


Spring loads

20 mm and 24 mm versions for samples of said or smaller diameter.
Replacements and back-up sets
Springs (soft and hard)

Gas tubes

Straight, alumina
Bent, quartz
Silicone hose for in-chamber connections

Small parts

Gold or silver ring gaskets, alumina thermocouple caps, alumina sample support plates, alumina spacer rings, spares

External connections

Swagelok quick connect stems for gases in and out
BNC coaxial cables for impedance spectrometers etc.
Thermocouple contacts
Cooling water


Fill in the enquiry form if you want us to suggest a range of furnishment parts.

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