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I cannot remove the sealing material after use. What do I do?

If the cell is sealed using gold or another noble metal like silver it can be separated by melting the seal off in the ProboStat. The seal will liquidize and fall off.

Remove all unnecessary electrodes, thermocouples (one is needed for temperature control) and the spring load system. If readily available supply inert gas to both ProboStat chambers while heating the cell up beyond the melting point of the sealant. This can be done on vertical furnace, but may be more efficient on horizontal one. Wait a while at the target temperature to ensure that all parts in the hot zone reach that temperature, specially if controlling the temperature with thermocouple outside ProboStat.

In case you use glass seal, the seal may need to be sawed off with a diamond saw. Alternatively the support tube with the seal and sample can be removed from the base unit and the heating and separation can be done in on a separate operation with other equipment. In such case it is necessary to know, that the 'bottom' metal part with threads and the glue on the sample support tube should not reach more than 200ºC.

There is typically no need to cover the gas in- and outlets on either chamber; the drops solidify before they hit the bottom. Theoretically the droplets could end up in the gas lines, and get stuck where the gas lines curve and where there is a change in the diameter of the tube. However this has never been observed.

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