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What is the difference between BZCY81 and BZCY72?

BZCY72 is BaZr0.7Ce0.2Y0.1O3

BZCY81 is BaZr0.8Ce0.1Y0.1O3

i.e. the 72 has 20% Ce, the 81 has only 10%.

BZCY72 has better sinterability and higher grain boundary conductivity, but it is has more electronic contribution to conductivity under reducing conditions (lower transport number and lower Faradaic efficiency, especially for an electrolyser operation).

BZCY81 is a compromise with OK sinterability and grain boundary conductivity and much less electronic contribution, because the Ce is not percolating.

BZCY72 is better for those who want higher DC conductivity. It is probably an OK choice for use in fuel cells. It is also a more standard composition for comparison with literature.

BZCY81 is better for those who want to use them in electrolyser operation.

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