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What is a maximum flow of gas in the ProboStat?

There is no maximum flow in the ProboStat. It depends on how much pressure is applied on the ProboStat inlet and how much overpressure is developed inside to press the gas out. A user may calculate this by assuming that each inlet and outlet of the ProboStat has ca 10 cm of length of gas tubing of 1/8 inch outer diameter.

When we use our ProboStats we usually apply flow rates of 0.01-0.20 nl/h. One may increase this by using higher inlet pressures. At some rate one will start cooling the sample.

It is possible to feed more gas into the ProboStat than the mentioned amounts. With higher flow the only consideration is to be certain to avoid any pressure buildup in the system. There is no solid limit, it depends on the gas equipment connected after ProboStat. For example if there is long and narrow gas line after the ProboStat, it will have high resistance and it will increase the pressure can build up inside ProboStat. Maximum pressure inside the sample holder is 1.1 bars atmospheric or 0.1 bar gauge.

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