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At what temperatures can the ProboStat be used?

The typical temperature range for the ProboStat is RT to 1600°C. However, for long term use, we recommend to keep the temperature in the hot zone below 1400°C. At high temperatures, the Pt and Pt10Rh will slowly evaporate and deteriorate, and during time they will show slightly wrong value. But also the base unit parts, like o-rings, glue, PEEK etc., will be affected if the cooling is not sufficient. The higher the temperature in the hot zone, the more difficult it will get to keep the base unit cool enough. We do not have much statistics or experience from long-term tests at these temperatures, and the durability depends on atmosphere, cooling of the base unit, the length of the ProboStat system, and eventual shielding of the base unit against radiation (recommended at temperatures above 1400°C). Long term, we would say, is typically around one year, and short term a few weeks or months.

For temperatures below RT, one should be aware of the risk of water condensation inside the base unit.

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